Youth Icon Barbie Rajput Joined Delhi Todays Talk Show

Barbie Rajput is an Indian Singer ,Actor and Performer .She belongs from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh and she started performing on stage at local level competitions from the age of 7.
She started her singing at the age of 3. Her family members specially her parents supported throughout the journey.
She started to learn “Hindustani Classical” and did her first life performance at the age 7. She was also a participant in Sa Re Ga Ma Paa and she did many Concerts ,Live Shows all across the country .
Currently she is working on her own projects and focusing to create more good songs.
When asked about what made her to write own music, she said- “Once I started learning music after which i was understanding the words and all the high and low nodes of music.
Later on I participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and after which I got enough experience and confidence, so I started to write and compose my own music.”
She was also asked about how she inspire youth who want to be like her for which she gave a very impressive answer- “No one needs to be like someone, there is a self identity and we need to bring it up by just being positive and being focused on whatever we want to do. Sometimes we decide or think to do something but we never give our best to do it , to achieve something big we need to work with full dedication and enthusiasm and if you work with full dedication and honesty then only nature also supports you to get you what you want.
Barbie Rajput is a very Simple and down to earth girl having aims to focus on her talent and to keep entertaining people by her art and talent.