Widening Access To Quality Healthcare Authored By : Dr Nidhi Jain

As a child I was always inspired by my mother, who is a gynaecologist and a health care physician working with the underprivileged section to improve access to good healthcare. Very soon I found myself walking in my mother’s footsteps pursuing medicine at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences to accomplish my ambition of helping all to receive holistic healthcare and experience quality living.

The journey has been nothing short of fulfilling especially through the voluntary healthcare interventions that I got a chance to found and drive over the years. My first project, where as an active member of NGO Youth for Upliftment of Villages Around Us (UVA) under the Rural Development Institute, I drove the solar fencing project, rainwater harvesting, community toilets establishment, sanitation and hygiene drives, satellite clinics, ‘Swasthya Mela’ health camps, mobile vans equipped with diagnostic facilities, Reproductive and Child Health services, adolescent reproductive and sexual healthcare, nutrition, education and skill development projects, teaching basic first aid and advocating healthy living practices, in collaboration with my team.

The vision was to enable each villager to become self-reliant and the village to progress as a healthy, independent, fully functioning community. My experience as a student with distinctions in med school and as an intern of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital equipped me well to provide quality treatment to patients. In the current pandemic, I feel doctors have an opportunity to truly make a difference, not just by saving lives in the hospital, but also widening access to quality healthcare to remote communities with greater technology adoption e.g. through teleconsultation.

This has enabled me to reach more people efficiently and effectively, ensuring medical facilities are not just contained in urban hospitals/clinics but also available to those underprivileged, remote sections which are in need. As the pandemic surges in India, I think we all have a role to play to make an impact in as many lives as possible and adding value to society. While my days are spent providing free teleconsultations as a volunteer doctor and Out-Patient Department (OPD) visits at Niramaya Holistic Health clinic to treat COVID and other disease affected patients in India, in the evenings I do telemedicine rotations at Brooklyn Cancer Care clinic to continuously learn and upgrade myself, so I am well equipped to provide the best healthcare services to all my patients.

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