West Bengal Election 2021: Mamta Banerjee Will Announce The Names Of Candidates On All Seats On Friday

Mamta Banerjee is going to announce the names of her party’s candidates on Friday for the assembly elections in West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee will announce candidates for all 294 seats on Friday on behalf of her party TMC. On the other hand, BJP can also release the list of names of the first 60 candidates on Friday.
TMC informed that Mamta Banerjee will announce the list of candidates on Friday. Mamta Banerjee has already announced that she will contest for the Nandigram seat in the East Midnapore district. Apart from this, it is believed that she can also contest from Bhawanipur. Actually, Bhawanipur is the homeland of Mamta Banerjee.
He is currently an MLA from this seat.Let me tell you that Mamata Banerjee has always announced the names of her candidates on Friday. Mamta Banerjee had announced her party nominees on March 18 for the 2011 assembly elections, that day was also Friday. Apart from this, on March 4 in year 2016, he released the list of his party’s candidates, even then it was only Friday.Significantly, this time in West Bengal, there will be voting for the assembly elections in 8 phases. The election for the first phase is on 27 March. The results of the West Bengal assembly elections will come from the results of the other four states on 2 May. In this election, the Bharatiya Janata Party is going to accelerate its election campaign. For this, more than a dozen rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be organized.Source ANI