Vaccination In Third Phase Will Be Done Through Voter List

After successfully vaccinating the health workers in the first phase, in the second phase, the people associated with police and administration are being vaccinated. Preparations have also been started by the department for the third phase. For this, the department will also use the voter list, so that people above 50 years of age can be identified. In the third phase, there is a plan to vaccinate older people among those at risk. For this, the Health Department will mark people of this age on the basis of voter list from Election Office. Corona vaccination officials say that corona infects in this age group have suffered the most. Regarding this, they have been given preference over other ages. The administration has taken steps on the recommendation of the department to select it. Election Commission details will be used for selection of beneficiaries. Since no other definite details about age are available. In this case, the details of the voter list are the most Deputy Commissioner. Vaccination to 5 and a half thousand frontline personnel on February 11: District Immunization Officer Dr. Neeraj Tyagi informed that on February 11, about five and a half thousand frontline personnel registered on the Kovin portal in the second phase will get vaccinated at 46 booths. In the third phase, 18500 frontline personnel are to be vaccinated. On 11 February, 30 percent of the total recorded personnel will get vaccinated. On February 12, the same number of workers were vaccinated. On February 18, 30 percent of the personnel and on February 22, all frontline personnel left in the second phase will get vaccinated.