Uttar Pradesh’s Tableau Adjudged As Best In Republic Day Parade

Uttar Pradesh’s tableau adjudged as the best among 32 tableau participated in Rebulic Parade at Rajpath. UP’s tableau shown Ayodhya’s Ram Temple with a glimpse of Deepotsav and various story from Ramayana.
The Defence Ministry released a press note says, Uttar Pradesh was adjudged the best tableau among the 32 tableaux.
The 32 tableaux, 17 from States and Union, nine from various Ministries/Departments and Paramilitary Forces and six from Ministry of Defence, depicting the nation’s rich cultural heritage, economic progress and defence prowess that rolled down the Rajpath on January 26, 2021.
Ayodhya was theme of Uttar Pradesh’s tableau. Tableau shown the replica of Ram Temple and a glimpse of Deepotsav. Various stories from Ramayana epic were depicted in the tableau.
Tripura’s tableau was adjudged as second best and Uttarakhand’s as third. Tableau of Tripura shown eco-friendly tradition for achieving self-reliance.Tableau of Uttarakhand was based on the theme of Dev Bhoomi.