UP Targets To Vaccinate 4.4 Lakh Health Workers

LUCKNOW: Eying another record of sorts, the Uttar Pradesh government has planned to vaccinate 4.4 lakh health workers in the two-day-long third session of Covid-19 vaccination slated to begin on Thursday, reports Shailvee Sharda. The state has prepared a list of 9.06 lakh health workers of whom 1.27 lakh have been covered in the inaugural and second rounds held on January 16 and 22. In the session on January 22, UP created a record by getting over 1.03 lakh health workers inoculated. The list of 9.06 lakh includes 2.34 lakh personnel from the private sector, 1.5 lakh anganwadi centres, 1.5 lakh ASHAs, 40,000 ANMS, all staff under provincial medical and health services and medical colleges.As many as 2,303 sessions have been planned for Thursday, while 2,100 sessions will take place on Friday. An average of 100 persons is targeted in a single session which translates into 4.4 lakh health workers,” said a senior officer associated with the UP covid-19 vaccination programme.Additional chief secretary, information, Navneet Sehgal said that on CM’s instruction, all the nine lakh health workers have to be vaccinated by February 5. “The CM has reiterated that all protocols laid down by the Union health ministry must be followed in letter and spirit. He has also said that no one should break or alter the sequence of vaccination,” he stated.Health officials stated that UP has enough stock of the required Covid-19 vaccine. “While 10.75 lakh doses were provided to UP in the first batch while 9.11 lakh doses were provided thereafter. In this way, UP has enough vaccine to saturate the health workers,” they said. The entire activity will be monitored by Unicef and WHO for smooth implementation.ACS health and family welfare, Amit Mohan Prasad, urged health workers to come forward and take the vaccine shot if they TNN | Ja (LU) is set to apply for the prestigious ranking of and resources, research activities and professional practices adopted for better management, graduation results, outreach for community development and inclusivity of all sections of society and overall perception of the institution.