Twitter Post Shows Laptop Charger’s ‘Baking Feature ‘ , Leaves Netizens In Splits

A Twitter user shared an unusual use of a power adaptor that left netizens laughing-out-loud. In a hilarious post, Mea (@MIA_mea_) from Los Angeles, showed how she utilises her overheating MacBook charger by placing a cookie dough on the device. Sharing a collage of two images, the user suggested the cookie getting baked on the brick laptop charge owing to how hot it gets if used for several hours.

The tweet garnered a lot of attention online, getting over 3.2 lakh likes and many agreeing they have been using it as a heating pad for years but never really thought it could also be used for cooking as well. Many Apple users said they found the post ‘very relatable’ and even shared several other uses of the adaptor. Soon, jokes ensued and people came up with hilarious responses. While some wondered if it would really work, others said they totally believe it given how hot the charges get in real life. While some suggested a few hacks to ‘adaptor baking’, others said they try it themselves to may be fry an egg.