THE UNPLUGGED: An Initiative By TEDxGoldenBridge

We at TEDxGoldenBridge agree with the idea that, “Everyone is an artist in their own way.” We all have hobbies which can be named as art and if one does them, they are an artist already. Being an artist is an achievement but what after that? If one does not overcome the four walls, the art will remain isolated, no one would want that but then, one simple question arises- Why do people stop from coming out and showcasing their talents? It is because of fear, fear of facing judgements, fear of dealing with the comments, fear of embarrassing oneself, and fear of getting out of comfort zone.

 Keeping the above said subject in mind, we decided to come up with “The Unplugged” which is our first very physical event. The wholesome aim of this event was to give a platform to aspiring creators in diversified art forms and uplift them. What really would shape these young fellows is the experience of stage presence and engaging with other artists would widen one’s perspective.

This platform gave the exposure one deserves, the motivation to continue the artistic practice and inspired those who dream of achieving great heights but are held back due to factors. In brief if one has to say, The Unplugged is a safe place created for the performers where they can try and error and even then, would not be judged. An open mic as we call it, gives the confidence one needs to bring out the inner voice out & once this inner voice is out, it gives out so much to get influence from.

Team: Sahaj Tyagi, Tamakshi Mistry, Mahek Shahani, Hitanshu Vyas, Anusha Jha, Palak Thakkar, Haeli Toprani, Harmansingh Ahluwalia, Darshini Bolisetti and Trushi Shah.


Performers: Anusha Jha, Akshar Patel, Vijay Parmar, Dhrasti Soni, Preetam Sen, Harsh Tamakuwala, MC Minion, Moin Pathan, Meet Thakkar, Dhruv Patel, Meet Patel, Sagar Samrat, Adityam Solanki, Monil Dixit, Tejas Jagtap, Honey Khatri, Shatir, Naeem Patel, Palak Thakkar, Aaket Panchal, Shruti Gandhi, Zayd Nasir, Rushali Mehta, Shreya Gandhi, Diwan Shah, Hitanshu Vyas, Deep Thaker.

Dignitaries: Amit Bhogi, RJ Minhaz, Dr. Vikram Premkumar, Mrs. Kirti Joshi, Mr. & Mrs. Jyoti Thakkar & Chandrakant Thakkar.