SpaceX Beats The Record Of ISRO Via Sending 143 Satellites At Once In Orbit

Elon Musk’s Space X has smashed the record of sending the maximum number of satellite in orbit at once .
The previous record holder was India space agency ISRO which did the magic via placing 104 satellites in orbit at once with the help of its PSLV (POLAR SATELLITE LAUNCH VEHICLE).
This record was broken by SpaceX Falcon 9 in collaboration with American space agency NASA. The American launch vehicle placed 143 satellites in orbit at once.
Its worth noting that Space X is a tough competitor to ISRO as it is also getting in the business of delivering satellites to orbit, which was previously ruled by ISRO for cheaper and safer delivery of satellites. Although the Indian space agency has congratulated the Americans for this feat. And are ready for the upcoming competition as India has also established itself as an space pioneer.