Social Media Has Become So Powerful That Even This Government Can Fall: Ram Madhav

The central government is working on framing rules and regulations to regulate social media. Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav has said that the government is planning to regulate social media. Ram Madhav has said that today social media has become so powerful that it is also causing the government to fall, this trend leads to dictatorship, this is weakening democracy. It is now necessary to find a solution to this problem by staying within the constitutional limits.Launching a book titled ‘Because India comes first’, Ram Madhav said that democracy is going through a time of tension and is facing new challenges such as the emergence of ‘apolitical’ and ‘non-state forces. Ram Madhav further said, ‘Social media has become so powerful that even this government can fall and because it is beyond the limits, it is even more difficult to regulate.’Also, Ram Madhav said, “Such forces can promote dictatorship,” which will weaken democracy. But whatever solution can be found, it should be removed within the constitutional scope. Ram Madhav was speaking at a book launching event organized by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation on Saturday. He said that “the laws of the time are insufficient to handle social media.” Ram Madhav further said, “For this, we need new rules and laws. The government is already working in this direction.”