Scientists Have Prepared A Tool To Eliminate The Virus Present In The Aerosol

Scientists have designed a device that can kill virus particles present in the aerosol inside the microwave. According to experts, the spread of coronavirus can be prevented by using this method. Studies conducted during the corona epidemic have shown that the coronavirus spreads through aerosols. These aerosols are produced and spread by breathing, coughing, sneezing or talking to an infected person. Explain that colloids in air or any other gas of microscopic solid particles or liquid droplets are called aerosols. Aerosols can be natural or man-made. Aerosols present in air are called atmospheric aerosols. Mist, dust, atmospheric polluting particles and smoke are examples of aerosols. Previous studies have shown that electromagnetic energy can be used to neutralize viruses in liquids.It also includes the US-based Airforce Research Laboratory, which says that little has been done to understand the role of microwaves in neutralizing viruses in aerosols. The research is published in the journal Physics of Fluids. According to scientists, this device can provide electromagnetic frequency and different energy capacities.Scientists hope that if further research is done on this, the microwave energy required to neutralize the viral particles present in the aerosol and reduce their ability to spread infection can be detected. Scientists also said that even though the device has been built experimentally, it can help in designing a mechanism that neutralizes viruses.

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