Renowned Fashion Blogger And Influencer Shreyal Pandey Joined Delhi Todays Talk Show

Shreyal Pandey is a blogger, a social media influencer and a model .
Shreyal is also a working professional, she is working with leading MNC in Mumbai as marketing manager.
She said blogging, modeling and influencing people who are connected with her is her passion and she take out time from her busy office life for these things.
She was very active during her college days and Started working as a model as an Influencer when she was in 3rd Year of Btech, and was doing part time fashion shows and ramp walk until she completed her M.B.A. And since then she is still continuing her passion even though after getting placed from college.
When asked about how one can focus on there dreams or decide what is good for them she told , once it feels like if we are good at something and can realise that this field or work is good for there career ,then they should go for it,
because sometimes we never know what is made for us, What we do with full dedication and honesty and the things happen after that is something which is made for us she said.
Finally she conveyed her message that we should not think about doing something if it feels good, because doing something for it is better than the regression for not doing something for it.
And just we need to keep calm and wait for right time to come.
Shreyal also interacted with the audience who joined the live session and answered there questions very beautiful.