Renowned EMCEE And VO Artist Pratika Sood Joined Delhi Todays Talk Show

As Delhi Today is constantly working toward bringing Celebrity from different fields to inspire youths and to make them learn.
In the latest episode of Delhi Today’s live talk show they invited Pratika Sood (EMCEE, VO Artist, International Host).
She discussed her life her journey in which she told us from beginning as school student, she was a bright. She was “Best Public Speaker & Best Debator for consecutive 3 years”, for which she received awards from “Former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheela Dixit.”
She started to work in hosting from 2015 once she was in her Post Graduation.
After her Post Graduation in 2017 her hard work payed off for her.
It took her very less time to reach the best phase of her career.
She also talked about the problem girls face in the Indian Society She also highlighted the problems girls face while working late or on the social networking sites, due to which many of them are forced to stop following there dreams.
Regarding this issue she said – ” If everyone is against or have a bad thinking about you then you should accept the challenge and be the change which helps you fullfill your dreams and no one tries to take away your freedom. As haters make you learn and make you grow more and more.
So better ignore everything and to work for making self life better.”
At the end she asked everyone to dream big and to never listen to what people say, to fight with the problems and overcome them.
She suggested to work hard and never to loose freedom in life.
It should be one themselves to decide what they want to do, how they want to do and never ever get things in your head like what society thinks about you.