Pune Schools Start Unique ‘Web-Radio’ To Be Launched On Republic Day

On Republic Day celebrations this year, one of the oldest educational institutions in the city has launched a unique initiative, a web radio, that will telecast programmes to help students think beyond classroom learning.Stating that teaching life skills to students, inspiring them to think out of the box was as important as academics, MES Sou Vimlabai Garware School and Vidnyan Bharati have joined hands to launch ‘MES Subodhwani’, a web radio, which will be broadcast thrice a week.Vilas Rabde from Vidnyan Bharati said this was likely the first web radio projects starting in a school in Maharashtra, that a one month’s content has been prepared.Anandi Patil, president of the School committee of MES said that the web radio aims to enable students to interact with the prevailing teaching methods by combining creativity and entrepreneurship.Students would have to download a mobile app through which the radio would be available for one hour each, three days a week.Asked why the school chose the medium of a web radio where content can be broadcasted once and not accessed again and not another medium where content can be saved, Rabde said, It will be broadcasted every right hours, so any episode missed can be accessed another time. And just like how one waits to see their favourite TV show which makes it more valuable rather than videos which can be downloaded, we hope this becomes as special to students and even parents.