One Of The Youngest And Renowned MLA Of Bihar, Having A Good Strength In Between Youth Across The Bihar.

Bihar is a state where politics is very complex to say, every leader has his own area, they have voters of their own caste-religion, on the other hand, if you look at him, this one person challenges all other leaders, where all caste-religion Highly low when it comes to anyone community, he talks about the youth, he talks about the change of society, above all ideologies, he talks about how the youth should move forward, “the youth of Riga believes in him as “youth icon”, He is Riga’s “Tuna Bhaiya”.

Amit Kumar Tunna who is the MLA of Riga Legislative Assembly of Sitamarhi, the birthplace of Sita Ji. He is an inspiration for the people here. He started his political career from Youth Congress in Jharkhand in 1997 and in 2006, he took the next step in his political career from Sitamarhi and won in 2015 by around twenty-four thousand votes.
Along with being an MLA, he is a social worker, he goes to the public and takes stock of their problems, problems etc. and tries to solve those problems. They also make people aware from time to time to maintain peace and brotherhood.
Floods, which have become a common problem for Bihar, are very difficult to overcome, this is a problem that has an effect on the people there for years. It has a tremendous impact on the lives of people who are vulnerable, their living and mentality. In such a situation, Amit Kumar Tunna takes part in public service in flood areas and makes every effort to help the people and puts many questions on the government for not getting rid of these problems.

They meet Chief MinisterNitish Kumar” to solve the problems of the public and sometimes even go on a fast unto death, that is to say, they make every effort for the public interest or social welfare.

Recently he laid the foundation stone of roads from Riga Majorganj PWD Path Majhaura Chowk to Poshua Patania in Riga Block and from Imli Bazar to Hamirpur, these paths cost about 4.38 crores.

He has also done well in the electricity sector in Riga.

He always stands with them for the benefit of farmers, a few years ago he tried to get the farmers trapped in the Riga sugar mill and was successful in it.

On 25 September 2020, a rally was taken out under the leadership of Amit Tunna to protest against the farmers’ bill recently passed on the status of the farmers, in which a large number of supporters rode on the bullock cart and supported the bill, In which slogans were raised against the bill in protest against the government and demanded to withdraw the bill without delay.