Nurses Dance In Surgical ICU Wearing PPE Kit Creates Controversy

Alwar: Nurses dance in a surgical ICU wearing a PPE kit. The incident took place at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Alwar. The dance was performed by two nursing staff of the hospital and a cleaning worker working in the hospital on a contract basis. All three were sentenced to life in prison for dancing in the ICU.The three employees danced to a loud song. No one else was in the surgical ICU at the time of the dance. The video was shot at night. The dancing nurses are Pradeep Kumar and Yogesh Yadav. One of them was transferred to the Trauma Center and the other to the Medicine Ward. Ajay, who was a cleaner, worked on a contract basis was fired.Meanwhile, Dr Sunil Chauhan, Principal Medical Officer, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, came forward with an explanation on the incident. He said an investigation had been launched into the incident. He said the cleaner, who had been working on a contract basis, was fired. He also said that two other nurses who had danced had been transferred from the surgical ICU to another department.