Nepalese Traders Protest Against China, Accused Of Violating International Rules

China is now trying to impose its own arbitrariness on Nepal as well. He is creating undisclosed barriers to trade from Nepal. In the Rasuwa district of the border, traders protested against China in protest against these problems.Kathmandu, ANI. China is now imposing its own arbitrariness on Nepal. He is creating undisclosed barriers to trade from Nepal. There is a lot of anger among Nepal businessmen from these situations. Traders staged a massive protest against China in the border raswa district. This demonstration of traders took place in front of Rasuwagadhi Custom Office. In this demonstration, traders brought placards against China.This attitude of China is not only with Nepal. Presently, it is engaged in carrying out its expansionary policy in the South China Sea as well. Not only this, there is tension on its border with India also. In the case of Taiwan, China has taken an aggressive stand. Recently, China had warned Taiwan that if it talked about independence, it would directly mean war. China says Taiwan is an integral part of it.
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