Murder of Kamal Nath’s brother-in-law

The cousin and sister-in-law of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath were killed on Thursday night after entering a house in Sector Alpha-2 of Greater Noida. The assailants also looted the house after committing the murder. On the information of the double murder case, the police commissioner and the forensic team including the district police commissioner reached the spot and investigated. Preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that a knowledgeable person is involved in the murder. The attackers first drank with the businessman and then carried out the crime.
70-year-old Narendra Nath, a cousin and businessman of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, and sister-in-law Suman Nath, 65, lived in Sector Alpha-2 of Greater Noida. Businessman Narendra Nath had a spare parts business in Delhi. Businessman Narendra Nath has a son and a daughter. Son Rohit lives with the family in AWHO Society of Greater Noida. His daughter Preeti lives in Sarita Vihar, Delhi. On Thursday night, some people came to the business of Narendra Nath. He drank alcohol in the basement of the house along with businessman Narendra Nath. The attackers then killed businessman Narendra Nath and his wife Suman Nath.
The son-in-law and daughter of the business couple arrived in Greater Noida on Friday morning to learn about the murder. In this case, Nidhi, wife of businessman Rohit’s son Rohit, has filed a murder case in Beta 2 Kotwali. DCP Rajesh Kumar Singh of Greater Noida said that the police have registered a case and started searching for the attackers. Prima facie the case seems to be a money transaction. The businessman had given money on interest to some people. The attackers who executed the incident are knowledgeable. Police teams are searching for the attackers. The assassins will be arrested soon and the murder case will be revealed.
The deceased couple belongs to the family of former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath. Teams have been formed to investigate the matter. This matter will be disclosed soon. ”-Rajesh Singh, DCP
The police have expressed the possibility of killing the couple for the transaction of money. It is being told that businessman Narendra Nath had given money on interest to some people. It is learned that he also had a factory in Greater Noida. They had sold it. Some controversy is also arising over its money transactions.