Mumbai Local Trains Open For All, Passengers Avoided Crowding

As local trains opened up for the general public on Monday, taking a suburban one from Thane to Mumbai was quite a mixed experience. Though more and more passengers boarded the train at every stop, some at Parel station did not get in to avoid the crowd, and preferred to wait for the next one. However, passengers tried to maintain social distance and most were found to be seated.
When this reporter boarded the 7 am train from Thane, it was completely empty. Slowly commuters got in at every station and the crowd started to build. However, they managed to maintain social distance and were seen wearing masks throughout. As more and more people boarded the train, at Dadar passengers avoided crowding near the doors to get off. While there was no scope to leave the alternate seats vacant, most passengers were seated. 
However, when the train reached Parel station, most of the commuters waiting at the platform did not board the train, as it was already crowded. They preferred to wait for the next one. The ride ahead was a smooth one with not many passengers boarding the train beyond Byculla. As the train reached Mumbai around 8 am, groups of ticket checkers and RPF personnel were spotted checking and scanning passenger tickets.
As far as checks are concerned, passengers have to undergo a security check at the entry gates of stations. Thereafter, a few categories of passengers were issued only single journey tickets so that while returning they buy fresh tickets to travel within the stipulated time.