MNS President Raj Thackeray Will Go To Ayodhya In March!

The chief will visit Ayodhya from March 1 to 9 to deepen the issue of Hindutva. MNS wants to increase its mass base by talking on the issue of Hindutva and active politics.
Amidst the continuous farmer agitation in Delhi, there is news from Maharashtra that MNS President Raj Thackeray will go to Ayodhya and visit Ram Lala to deepen the issue of Hindutva.
Let me tell you that Raj Thackeray has already been raising fingers. Even when Ram Bhoomi was worshiped in Ayodhya, Raj Thackeray had said in one of his statements that Bhoomi Pujan was not required at this time.
Because the mental state of people is not well due to the epidemic. This could be done even after 2 months if the condition was normal. Then people could also enjoy this program.
It is believed that MNS is going to do active politics on the issue of Hindutva along with Marathi issue. After forming a government in the state of Shiv Sena with Congress and NCP, the issue of Hinduism has softened. In such a situation, MNS wants to take advantage of it. MNS wants to increase its base by raising the issue of Hindutva.
Let us know that when worshiping the land for Ram temple
Let me tell you that in January last year, I had brought my new flag. His speech at a conference of activists at that time also indicated MNS to be oriented towards hardline Hindutva politics. During this time, the MNS chief also said that I do not change the color of my party to form the government. Uddhav Thackeray also replied to his statement. He said that we have not left Hindutva. Our color is saffron and saffron in the mind too.
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