MLA Irfan Ansari Set An Example to Other MLAs

MLA Irfan Ansari presented the example… carrying the dead body of electrician Gopal Malik of Rajamdih to the crematorium .The MLA took the family as a lap, said that all possible help will be done .The one who gets in trouble is the true partner .

Used to work at BJP leader’s house .. Turned in time of trouble .MLA has won the hearts of all our people by his actions . Villagers swear .. never leave MLA’s support * * Executive Chairman of Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee cum Jamtara MLA Dr Irfan Ansari Jamtara reached Rajamdih of ward number 14 of NAC where 30-year-old Gopal Malik, who was an electrician by profession, died.

Brain haemorrhage due to infiltration of insects and he died while undergoing treatment at PMCH Hospital in Dhanbad. He left behind an old parents wife and a son and a daughter. He was the only earner in the family who took care of his family, working as a mistry. He reached at the invitation of everyone. Due to his sudden departure today, there was silence in the entire locality. Former MLA made many efforts to save Gopal Malik.

All arrangements were made from Dhanbad to Ranchi, but God accepted something else. The tears were visible in the MLA’s eyes and he assured me that I am adopting this family and I will do whatever help this family needs. He took out all the funds from his pocket and handed it over to the family members and said that you people should not worry, Irfan Ansari will go with you step by step.

Further, the MLA walked with the dead body in the shoulder and walked up to the sky and said, “I am with you and I believe that no one can be a true partner in the trouble that is being done and it is a virtuous work. * On this occasion, all the people of the ward said that the MLA is the messiah of the poor. The way he made every effort to save Gopal is commendable. One thing has become clear that the way we get divided in the name of Jat Pat is utterly wrong. Our MLAs have met those who selflessly rise above religion and help all the people and serve in misery.

Today, all of us also swear that we will not leave such MLA any longer and will not make any mistake in future. The legislator has won the hearts of all by his actions. * * On the occasion, Gopal’s mother said that my son used to work as a mechanic in the house of a BJP leader, but when he went to ask for help in trouble, he turned his face and you supported us at such a time. The MLA became very emotional after listening to things and where the caste is above religion to help the poor is my religion. Saying these things, the MLA went towards the crematorium with the dead body.