LNJP wins Delhi’s Double Century Of Vaccination, Then AIIMS Century

The process of vaccination is going on in the entire country under the covid-19 campaign which started on January 16.
Several records were made on the eighth day of the Kovid Vaccination Program in Delhi. The Delhi government’s LNJP hospital set a record by doing 200 vaccinations in a day, while the hospital visited AIIMS for the first time to take more than 100 healthcare workers. AIIMS did 137 vaccinations on Thursday. At the same time, Baba Sahib Ambedkar Hospital, another Delhi government hospital, succeeded in getting 160 of its previous record 150 plus 150. There were 8244 vaccinations at 106 centers across Delhi on Thursday, 77% of the total target being vaccinated, which is lower than the previous two vaccination days, but 25 centers were increased on Thursday, the first 81 centers being vaccinated. , Which was increased to 106.
Health care workers have gone out of fear to a great extent!
According to the report, if the suspicion and fear about the vaccine has come out of people’s minds to a great extent.
There were 110 vaccinations on Saturday, 140 on Monday and 150 on Wednesday, but 160 vaccinations took place here on Thursday. AIIMS and Safdarjung together did a total of 195 vaccinations on Thursday, with 137 in AIIMS and 58 in Safdarjung. Similarly, RML and Kalavati Saran did 168 vaccinations together. According to the report, a total of 34 hospitals in Delhi have done more than 100 vaccinations on Thursday, including 10 Delhi government hospitals.