Kasam: Aamir Will Not Touch Mobile Phones Till The Release Of Lal Singh Chadha, Only The Team Will Handle Social Media Accounts

Aamir Khan has decided to do mobile detoxing. He is currently in Rajasthan, where he is present for the song shoot of his friend Amin Haji’s film ‘Koi Jaane Na’. He has taken a break from shooting for his film Lal Singh Chadha. But during this time, he has vowed not to touch the phone. He will not even touch mobile handsets from now until the release of his film.According to information received from sources, it is true that in this digital era, we constantly check our mobile every fifteen minutes.But Aamir has taken this decision. This is because he felt that it was constantly creating obstacles in his work.Aamir has also taken his personal life beyond the no phone policy set. They have been implemented since Monday. He has asked the family and other close people to contact the manager for necessary work. So that there is no hindrance in work. So much so that Aamir’s social media accounts will also be managed by his team until Lal Singh is released.Advait Chandan is directed by Aamir’s film. Post production of Aamir’s film is going to start soon so that it can be released on Christmas in 2021. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Mona Singh will also be seen alongside Aamir in the film.Minakshee