Karnataka Woman Hands Over Mangalsutra For Traffic Fine; Netizens Demand It Back

Over the past few months, several incidents of traffic police burning a hole in the pockets of violaters have surfaced. But imagine trying to sell your Mangalsutra because you don’t have the money to pay up the cops?In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old woman from Karnataka paid a fine for a traffic violation but she ended handing over her Mangalsutra to traffic cops. According to reports, the woman had no money and got into an argument with the cops. A video was circulated wherein the woman was seen in a heated argument with the cops. *The incident*As per reports, the 30-year-old woman had gone to the city market with her husband on their motorcycle. While returning home, the couple was intercepted by the traffic policemen deployed near the city bus stand. The cops asked the couple to pay a fine of Rs 500 for helmetless riding.Vibhooti told the cops that they had exhausted their money and requested them to. “I told the cops that we had spent the last Rs 100 we had on breakfast, but they insisted that we pay,” a report by TOI quoted Vibhooti as saying.The argument between Vibhooti and the traffic cops continued for almost two hours. People started gathering at the spot. Vibhooti, in a fit of rage, handed over her ‘mangalsutra’ to one of the traffic cops and asked him to sell it off for collecting the traffic violation fine.*Return the Mangalsutra: Prithvi Reddy*Netizens reacted to this incident and were furious as to how did the cops agree to take the Mangalsutra. State Convenor of Aam Aadmi Party Karnataka, Prithvi Reddy posted, “This is shameful! Please let me know which station and the fine amount I will pay this on her behalf immediately, return the mangalsutra !”