It’s Never Too Late To Mend : DIG Vivek Raj Singh

Being FAT from childhood being chubly became normal and being Cute to me .Weighing 88 kg in class 8th made me not to weigh myself again until I joined National Police Academy for training . Where I reported at weight of 134 Kg . 46 week of rigorous training of NPA made me Pass out with weight of 104 Kg . Which was big achievement for me .

During earlier days of service , serving in difficult Naxal areas of Bihar made me gain weight again and I reached up to 138 Kg . Basically I am foodie and I used to eat alot . “Khana fikna nahi chahiye” have been always my motto , eating without application of mind and eating even when I was full were the culprit for weight gain. I reduced some 8-9 Kg and maintained 130 almost for 9 years .

All of a sudden during one of my official Assignment I started walking and one walking app Step Set Go which I am using became catalyst for more walk . Walking became part of life and I started reducing weight. Gradual weight reduction made me start strength training and mindfull eating with further boosted weight reduction. Last few months a started quantified diet which is helping me tonning my body better and giving better shape.

I have reduced till now 43 kg and I just want to maintain with better body shape. Facebook group FITTR helped me alot understanding nutrition and it’s important which is helping me tonning body better .I was essential hypertensive due to weight and I required to take medicine for controlling my BP , now my BP is normal and as added advantage my Resting pulse rate is 40 BPM .

Vivek Raj Singh, DIG, Chhatarpur , Madhya Pradesh