Indian Sailors Stranded In Chinese Water For Months

Sailors stucked in Chinese waters for several months, reached to Japan, likely to reach India soon.Sailors were caught up in a Chinese trade embargo on Australian coal, later they were allowed to leave for Japan, officials said.They were straded in Jingtang’s port since mid-June last year due to trade dispute between China and Australia. A spokesperson of ship MV Jag Anand said, Ten crew members have left for India on Monday, the rest 13 will be leaving on Tuesday. Our aim is they reach their homes safely so we are not disclosing their arrival destination to maintain privacy, they said.MV Jag Anand’s 23-member crew arrived in Tokyo on Monday. MarineTraffic, a ship-tracking website also showed the ship docking in Tokyo.According to sources, 16 members of an another ship MV Anastasia is probably change its current position at Caofeidian Anchorage, China. The Indian Embassy has written to Chinese authorities for approval.