Indian Navy Leases Predator Drone From US, Will Be Deployed On The Line Of Actual Control

Amid growing tension with China, India and the United States have become closer. As a result, the Indian Navy has deployed two US Predator drones on lease for surveillance in the Indian Ocean region. These drones monitoring the maritime zone can also be deployed on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. The Indian Navy has included these US drones in its fleet with the approval of the Ministry of Defense to purchase arms for emergencies in view of the heavy tension on the border of India and China. According to the government’s high source, these drones were brought to India in the second week of November. They have been included by the Indian Navy in the flight operations of INS Razali on 21 November. Sources say that both drones have started flying in the maritime zone for surveillance. They are capable of flying for more than thirty hours simultaneously. These are going to be very effective for the Indian Navy. An officer of the American manufacturer has also come to India with these two drones. It is helping the Indian Navy in its operations.Sources said that these drones that fly in Indian territory have been taken on a one-year lease. However, given their importance, armed Indian forces are preparing to acquire 18 more such drones from the US. India and the United States are working together amidst Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh. The US is now helping India in monitoring and sharing all kinds of information. Sources say that the US Predator drone has been leased under the Defense Acquisition Procedure-2020 and Defense Acquisition Manual-2009.
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