IIM Lucknow Student Amrita Helping People In Combatting The Crisis

Combatting the crisis! With scattered resources creating more panic among covid hit people, Amrita Singh a Delhi based software engineer and MBA student at IIM Lucknow came up with a web app to collate all major citizen led and government initiatives at one place which is easy to access and built via people contribution. 

There was a dire need of a central resource as decentralized information is making it tough for people to figure all places their outcry for help should reach in case a close one gets covid affected. With so many citizens led initiatives cropping up and a lot of them not getting any media coverage.

A centralized platform is required so that initiatives reach maximum number of people.Started via a LinkedIn post when it covered 2-3 major initiatives that were in place at that time, the list has grown tremendously in a few days and is being updated every day at least once. It now includes major easily accessible initiatives taken up by government as well.
Check out the web app here: