High Court Rejected Sonu Sood’s Application

Who does not know well-known star Sonu Sood, he is the superstar of the big screen. Sonu Sood built a building named Shakti Sagar, which he has converted into a hotel without permission from BMC.He did not respond when BMC sent notices many times, in which BMC has decided to dismantle the building, considering it illegal construction if no response is received.has clarified that it is illegal construction which will be broken. Although the police so far no f.i.r. Is not recordedBMC told the High Court that Sonu has converted the entire Residential Building into a hotel.To build any hotel, first one has to get license from BMC which is not taken by Sonu Sood.Justice chavan had heard soon and BMC at length and in his order said,”An interesting aspect surfaced from the record depicting as to how,in a deceitful manner,sood by communication dated August 4, 2018 in reference to BMC notice dated sep.1,2019 informed the corporation on june19,2018 through his architect that proposal had been forwarded for the proposed change of user. With this,the court concluded that the issue is whether SOODS are entitled to relief of temporary injection or whether they have established the well-known principles discussed is emphatically in the negative. Sood has already approached the Supreme Court against the Bombay High Court order. Written By :

Minakshee singh