Health Ministry Told States, Complete Work Of Giving First Dose By March 6, 97 Percent Of People Are Satisfied With Vaccination

To speed up the vaccination campaign to prevent corona infection, the Ministry of Health has set a deadline to give the first dose of vaccine to all health workers and frontline workers. In the instructions sent to the states, the Ministry of Health made it clear that the work of giving the first dose of vaccine to already registered health workers should be completed by 24 February and vaccination of frontline workers by 6 March in any case. According to the ministry, Bihar is at the forefront of immunization of health workers in the country.
According to the Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, the states were asked to complete the vaccination of health workers by January 20 only on January 17. Despite this, if some health workers are left out, the states have been asked to provide special mopup rounds for them, in which they will be able to take the vaccine. But after February 24, there will be no mopup round for them. Similarly, the date of taking the vaccine has been fixed as March 1 and Mopup Round March 6 as per the time schedule for the front line workers.
76 percent health care workers have been vaccinated
According to the Health Ministry data, Bihar ranks first in applying vaccine to health workers across the country. So far, the first dose of vaccine has been given to more than 78 percent health workers. While 68 percent of health care workers have been vaccinated in Uttar Pradesh and 76 percent in Madhya Pradesh. Rajesh Bhushan said that there are 12 states and union territories in which more than 65 percent health care workers have been vaccinated. While less than 40 percent of health care workers have been vaccinated in 11 states and union territories. In Delhi, this figure is 38.9 percent. He said that talks are being held with the states left behind in vaccination, so that it can be expedited.
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