Great News For One And A Half Lakh Teachers, Everyone Will Get 20-20 Thousand Rupees

There is great news for one and a half lakh Shikshamitra of Uttar Pradesh. The state government has released funds for all teachers. Yogi Government has released a sum of Rs 280 crore for Shiksha Mitras. Money has been allocated to different districts based on their number. Money will be sent to the account of teachers. An amount of 20-20 thousand rupees will be sent to the bank account of all one and a half lakh teachers.
Let us know that the 280 crore rupees released by the government for Shiksha Mitras are in their outstanding salaries. Shiksha Mitras did not get honorarium for the months of November and December. The beginning of the new year had been dry and dry for the teachers, but of late, the government has now sent 20-20 thousand rupees to their account. Director General of School Education Vijay Kiran Anand had assured NEWS18 that Shikshamitras will get their outstanding honorarium before the end of this week. Now the money has been released to pay the honorarium. The DG’s organizations met the DG and requested to release the money soon. Now, on payment of money, Anil Yadav, leader of Shikshamitra’s organization, has thanked Vijay Kiran Anand.