Social Activist Amit Sharma Filed Complaint Against MLA Dhirendra Singh

Complaint Written By Amit Sharma :
Respected Sir, you have to kindly inform that the applicant is a social worker and is also posted with some social organizations. But the MLA of Jewar Vidhan Sabha took any cognizance of that but after taking this matter into cognizance by regional MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma ji, an announcement was made for development. After this, Jewar MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh ji and his supporters have turned against me regarding this matter because no development has been done by them in the area. Village Bhaipur is a village of 95% Brahmin population.
kept the village of brahmins out of development works and did caste caste with the villagers, I raised the voice of my Brahmin companions, taking this matter into consideration, Dr. Mahesh Sharma ji announced the restoration of the pond and the installation of the idol of Parashuram, I did the work of raising the voice of the Brahmins, so after this episode everyone including the honorable MLA ji .

The Thakur/Brahmin leaders of the area, who are his supporters and the regional residents of the constituency are furious because I have done the work of raising the voice of Brahmins not developing in the village.I have received information by quoting sources that the honorable MLA and his supporters are busy in extracting information about me, I have to go out day and night for the work of the society, so my life and family are in danger. The atmosphere is, I am feeling insecure even to go out because of feeling myself in panic, so I am also feeling in danger to go out, I and my family can be attacked anytime if anything happens to me and my family in future, it will be responsible for Jewar Vidhan Sabha MLA Dhirendra Thakur including his support from Thakur caste because Honorable MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh ji is a Dabang is a person belonging to the latter and the person belonging to the Dabang family, because of his fear, any person in the area is afraid to raise his voice against him.

I fearlessly raised my voice against the honorable MP and MLA, then the work of village development was taken into consideration by the honorable MP, so keeping all these facts in mind, please take necessary steps for my safety. Sir, I have appealed to the top officers of the police department for my safety in the past as well because there is a dispute going on with Bharat Dev Sharma, the former head of native village Khawaspur district Bulandshahr and all his supporters. Criminal cases are registered against former head Bharat Dev Sharma under sections of gangster.In the same way, I have done the work of opening many fronts against the officers who were involved in corruption in the past.

Why is my death not the result, keeping all the facts in mind, please take legal action to ensure the safety of the applicant and the applicant’s family so that in future the applicant and the applicant’s family can be safe.