Delhi Todays TalkShow With Preeti Jain Director PS International

Delhi Todays is always involved in raising the issues of youth and Employment is one of the biggest problem of the youths. During the corona pandemic many have lost their jobs as well as no new job opening are not available as most of the companies are not running properly . To Solve such problems we invite guest on our talk show to understand the current market and future market scenario of jobs available post pandemic.

PS International is one of the renowned firms in field of hiring and they have clients in more than 100 cities of India and are also in Collaboration with leading firms of Abroad. PS International has grown at a very good pace only in a span less than 4 years across India as well as Abroad. We Invited Preeti Jain who is Director at PS International to share her views on current scenario of jobs during pandemic and post pandemic.

During the show she said that sectors like Pharmacy , IT , Healtcare have boomed during the Pandemic whereas companies like Manufacturing have a suffered a huge loss during this pandemic. She said that those hiring companies who worked in multiple type of companies have not suffered loss as compared who are working in a single segment.

During the talk she said that hiring companies should be flexible to work in multiple sectors because Corona is a big setback to many companies who are working in Recruitment Industry. She told that her company is very transparent with the client as well as candidate which makes her company among the best hiring companies in India. She said that before placing any candidate in a company her company checks the background of candidates as well as the company so that need of both can be fulfilled properly.

During the conversation she told that she and her husband who has around more than 40 years experience as Global Sales Head in Steel Industry have started this company by a friendly gesture when she was told to recruit few candidates apart from the company where she was working. She told that before the start of Covid she told that her company has moved to Artificial Intelligence which proved a lot beneficial to her and since her company was hiring for IT as well as Pharma so this covid was not a major setback .

At last she told that her company conducts different round of test before choosing a candidate for a company which includes written test , psychological test and many more. She told that her company matches the skill set of the candidates with the requirements of company before placing any candidate. She told that her company has received a lot of appraisal from different clients across the Globe .