Recruitment Head of DABS India Santosh Gupta on Delhi Todays Talk Show

Employment is one of the most key factors which plays an important role in the development of a Country. More the number of jobs more will be the growth of a country and to ask such questions Delhi Todays Media Invited Santosh Gupta who is the Recruitment Head of DABS India to talk about the job scenario which will arise after this pandemic. DABS India is the leading Hiring Company in Delhi NCR which provides quality Employees to the top Notch Companies of India.

During the show, he shared his experiences with how he recruits different freshers and experienced people for the top companies of India. He said Manpower plays a key role in the growth of an Organisation and his company help to generate Quality manpower for an organization. He said that due to the pandemic there was a loss in hiring as well as the people who were hired lost their job.

During the talk, he told that his company is in recruiting industry for more than 25 years. During the Pandemic his company has done a lot of hiring in the pharmaceutical sector as well as those companies which deal in medical sectors. He also told that many hiring will come for freshers post-pandemic which will be very fruitful for them.

During the show he told the recruitment company understands the need of company and type of employees they need for the proper growth. After that, they hire such a person which fulfils the above requirements Criteria of the company. He told that his company charge from the recruiting company rather than from the candidates which is the biggest reason why people trust his consultancy more than others.