In 21st Century India is growing at a good pace: Deepak Mahapatra Co-Founder Eezy Life System

In 21st Century India is growing at a good pace and it is becoming a hub of many startups across the Globe. These startups help to ease the life of people in one or another way by solving the problems of the masses through a digital platform. Security is among the key issues of people living in society because one doesn’t know who has entered the society by taking his/her name without his consent. If any issue arises due to that person the person whose name he took will be caught and it was the biggest problem for people. To Solve this problem Eezy Life System made software where anything related to society will be solved on a single platform.

We invited Deepak Mahapatra who is co-founder of Eezy Life System to discuss how his company is helping to solve the problems of people living in society. During the talk, he told that his company has made a platform where people who are living in a society can put their problems and they can also pay their bills through this single platform. They also can see the photo of the person who came to meet him and if he feels it is good then he can give his consent to enter in society. His company is also helping small scale industries to run their business with ease by providing software where he can get all the details of different segments in the company. It can also help a person to run a company easily which will help him to grow his company at a faster pace.

During the talk, Deepak Mahapatra said, “Our company faced a little setback but still it continued to grow because since we are digital and need of the hour was to provide touchless services to the society which helped to boost the company.” His company provided training to the guard who was at the entrance gate through digital method during the Pandemic as they don’t know how to use this device in an efficient manner.

During the conversation, he told that they provide a business Intelligence report to the company where they can know the faults which is a big hindrance to their financial growth. These business intelligence consists of data which tells about the current market scenario and the need of people in the current market. The need will help the company to design their company in such a way that will help them a lot in their growth.

At last, he told that his company has made tie-up with many NGOs which has helping people to provide Vaccine in large numbers and also RT PCR companies metropolis which helps people to detect coronavirus. This data will help medical companies and many others to grow their company According to the need of people. He told that he wants to expand his company in small cities like Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities because these cities are under development and has a huge potential to grow.