Delhi Todays Talk Show On “Role Of Youth In Shaping India’s Future”

Delhi Todays organised live talk show on “Role of youth in shaping India’s Future” on 9th of April.Several speakers from various field joined the talk show and share their journey and hardships which they faced to achieve their goal and how youth are responsible for making India’s future. It was quite motivating for the viewer to listen to the journey of these speakers.

Speakers from different fields includes Sandeep Marwah, Founder & CEO, Noida Film City , President Asian Academy Of Film & Television ,Sahil Chalana , Founder And CEO , College Dunia, IPSChirag Jain , IRS Atul Choudhary ,Leher Sethi , Secretary, Indian Council For UN Relations (Founder , Something Creative & TEDx Speaker)Rajat Shrivastava, Director, Delhi Todays.

During the talk show young entrepreneur Sahil Chalana shared his journey, He said ,after completing his graduation from BITS Pilani he thought to do his startup but he has no idea how the startup works. He said his parents that he will start his own work ,his parents asked how much time it will take to start and monetize ,he said I don’t have any idea about how much time this will take but but I will do this only.

Sahil said, starting from 2 clients to currently with 800 clients now, college dunia has became one of the largest admission portal in India .He also said ,youth should focus more as being a job creater rather than job seekers and once we create more job creater in our country, our country is going to become super power and also become most powerful economy in the world .During the show he answered all the questions as well as shared how one should approach for the investors for a new startup.

A young and dynamic IPS officer Chirag Jain shared his journey ,how his dedication and passion towards his work helped him in Cracking UPSC.He said ,all the youth must have some dreams in their which is different from others , He should fight for that with full passion and dedication.He said , this exam requires a lot of time and dedication and so you have to keep alot of patience and each day is a big challenge. He said ,his parents and teachers played a very vital role in achieving his Goal.

Sandeep Marwah Founder Noida Film City Said Youth Plays a vital role in Development of the Country. He said by changing a single youth we are changing the whole generation of that person.

He shared the example of Finland, where the teaching is the most paid job even teachers get more salary than President and PM.Marwah said ,Finland has understood that a teacher play the most important role in changing the life of the youth and if the youth of the country will grow , County will automatically grow.

During the Conversation he said when he thought of making a film city in noida the people around him thought it as a joke and mocked at him .He continued his vision today Noida film city is one of the best Film city in the country with hub of several big Media Houses in the Country.

Asst. Commissioner Atul Chaudhary said, education is the best way to change a community, we should educate our youth because youth is the only power on which future of the nation depends.Atul said ,he belongs from a scheduled caste community where there is lack of education and health facilities in his district. He said , he was the first person from his district and community to qualify UPSC Exams which gave a big inspiration to the people of his community.During the conversation he said he is trying all the ways to educate people of his community by digitally and physically which will finally help in building the nation.

He also said that it’s is the responsibility of every youth who once reached to some good place and achieved something in their life must educate the youth of the society from where he belong.

During the Conversation Leher Sethi who is currently the Secretary of Indian council for UN relations said that our society is a patriarchal society which is the biggest cause of mental problems. As per the NCRB Report number of suicide cases in men is more than women as the sole burden and expectations from them is more in Job as well as at home. So work distribution should be equal for men as women which will be big release to mental health and would discuss his problem with women.She also said the through education there has been a big change in urban societies as compared to villages.