Cold Wave Declaration In Delh Recorded Temperature Of 5.4° C. !

The national capital saw a rise in temperature on Saturday. However, if the weather department is to be believed, the temperature is expected to drop on Sunday. On Saturday, temperature was 5.4 ° C. On Friday, the cold wave made Delhi’s weather very cold and the temperature was 5 ° C. Low, 4 ° C. According to the department…
In the plains, when the minimum temperature falls to 4 degrees, the department declares a cold wave.
When the minimum temperature in the plains falls below two degrees Celsius or so, it is a condition of severe cold. On Tuesday and Thursday, the minimum temperatures were 2.1 and 3.8 degrees respectively due to the cold and dry northwest wind blowing in the plains. The minimum temperature was recorded at 1.1 degree Celsius on the first day of New Year, which was the lowest in the last 15 years.
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