Chhatisgarh Government Is Changing Education Through Augmented Reality Technology

Government of Chhattisgarh is bringing new changes to their education concept in government schools through Online and offline class. Through this Chhattisgarh Government is going to bring change in Education. Students in Schools of Rural Area will be taught through Augmented Reality Technology and due to this student are taking a lot of interest in class.

This great step by Chhattisgarh Government is praised by other states Government and also thinking to apply in their states too. This technology helps to provide good interaction among students and teachers which has finally helped in increasing the results of Students.

Through his technology Students are taught through moving objects infront of their eyes help to understand the concept in better way. Rita Mandal who is teacher at umade purv madhyamik kanya shala Shantinagar district Raipur told that she is using this technology to teach her Students and this helps to make classes more interactive. This technology has helped a lot to change the narrative of different subjects like Maths among students which is considered as tough subject by Students.

Augmented Reality Technology has helped to provide quality education to the students . While talking to our reporters Sharda ji who is posted at Khemdara located in Durg District told that students take keen interest while being taught through this Technology. Students are able to understand the subjects easily because Students understand the subjects visually which was not possible before.

Chhattisgarh Government is taking webinar to guide teacher how they can help students to teacher the concept in a better and easier way. It also creates competition among teacher to teach students as best as possible and it will prove to a great initiative in near future.