BMC To Use IT To Keep Watch On Garbage Throwers

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will use Information Technology to help fix problems pertaining to garbage in the city. With the help of existing Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) and more if needed, it will keep an eye on spots with overflowing garbage. It will use a software connected to the CCTVs, which will help capture someone throwing garbage in real time, as an image of this will immediately pop up on their monitoring screen.
Even as the BMC has been adding to the number of bins in the city to make it easy for the citizens to dump waste, overflowing garbage is still noticed. Now the BMC will identify locations across the city to monitor the cause of such nuisance, especially near the slum areas and take care of the ever increasing problem, said officials.
The BMC will incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to utilise the CCTVs as a resource to get the work done. The cameras are used by the police department and the BMC also has access to them. The BMC also has a huge mounted screen for monitoring purposes in its disaster control room. It plans to use a software which can show the spots near CCTVs and catch someone throwing garbage – an image of this will immediately pop up on the screen.
A BMC official said, “A screen will pop up if someone is littering at a particular spot. Further, it will be easier for the SWM officials to monitor and reach the spot and educate the citizens about the importance of cleanliness and take action as well. If the identified locations do not have CCTVs near them for monitoring, the BMC might consider setting up cameras there and connect them to the software.”