Alexei Navalny Detained Soon After His Flight Landed To Moscow

Opposition politician Navalny detained after his flight from Germany landed. Alexei Navalny was poisoned in August last year on an international flight in Siberia. Later he went to Germany for emergency medical treatment.

After the recovery, Navalny was returning to the country after five months. Shortly before landing, the pilot announced that for “technical reasons”, the plane was being diverted from Vnukovo airport, where thousands of Navalny supporters had gathered, to Sheremetyevo airport. Soon after the his flight landed to Moscow, policemen took him with them.

Russia’s prison service said in a statement, the opposition leader “had been wanted since 29 December 2020 for repeated violations of the probation period” related to his suspended sentence for embezzlement.

Russian prosecutors have launched a new criminal case against Mr Navalny on fraud charges related to transfers of money to various charities, including his Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Mr Navalny accused President Vladimir Putin of targeting him, Putin dismissed the accusations.