A Young Soldier And Asst Commandant Of BSF Nabeel Ahmed Wani Shared His Journey At Delhi Todays Talk Show

A Young Soldier And Asst Commandant Of BSF Nabeel Ahmed Wani Shared His Journey At Delhi Todays Talk ShowNabeel Ahmed Wani is a brave soldier of India belongs from Udhampur Dist of Jammu Kashmir.He is currently serving as assistant commandant of BSF in Jammu .He belongs from a middle class family, Both Nabeel and his father was passionate to serve the nation.

He said his father who was his teacher ,who taught him to love the country.Nabeel completed his graduation in Btech from Punjab and very few people knows that he attempted 14 times in BSF exams. And later on topped the exam in 2016 with All India Rank 1.During the talk show he said that how awesome his journey and struggle was.He also thanked India government for giving him a place in Indian army he beautifully showed his gratitude and warm behaviour to Indian government and also thanked for the great support and respect through out the service.

He also expressed his feeling, that how proud he feels after wearing the uniform of Indian army. He expressed his views that why youth of Jammu Kashmir is being diverted, how Pakistan took advantages of gap between youth of Jammu and the central government. He said , now time has changed, their mindset has changed, gap is still there but not that much in comparison to past.

Youth of Jammu Kashmir now wants to serve their nation with core of their hearts.He told that situation is now much under in control, now we can’t say that youth of Jammu Kashmir is following the paths of terrorism.He then took example of Burhan Wani, Mwielded massive popularity among the local populance through social media presence and helped in conveying a more youth-oriented image of militancy in Kashmir.

He even clarified that our war is with terrorism and with Pakistan not with our people. He gave the reasons for terrorism funding that is strategies of Pakistan, to take advantage of economically weak people of Jammu.During discussion he also said that how his relatives, friends and others demotivated him, said that Indian government will never choose you.