24 Years Old Kolkata Based Model And Influencer Shiwani Shaw Joined Delhi Todays Talk Show

Shiwani Shaw Is A Model , Influencer And Blogger, She Belongs From Kolkata, West Bengal And From Last 3 Years She Is Doing This As Full Time.Shiwani Shaw Is A BSc graduate and working with private sector company in kolkata only ,she said working with a private company is my profession ,while modeling is my passion and I spent my 4-5 hours time daily for this ,this is my strength, this is what I love to do and this is what I believe to be my destiny .
She also said she just don’t want to earn money from modeling because this is not her profession .She has a lot of different means to earn money ,modeling is something for her which she don’t want to sell once she start earning money by this then it will not be her passion,it will change into progression.
While talking to delhi todays she also said she is a girl believes in hard work and she is a girl who knows how to fight and prove herself, no matter what situation is ,what people thinks or say to her ,she only believes on her destiny. Shiwani said as being a digital Influencer, her father plays a very important role in making her what she is today ,she said her father is the only person who saw her every photographs and video which she used to post and keep with her ,she said her father used to judge her ,suggest her ,which one is good or which one have to improve.At last she said she is completely enjoying her work and left her to the destiny.